Youth Rise Texas: Administrative Assistant

Youth Rise Texas is a growing nonprofit in our fourth year of operations that works to uplift young people harmed by the incarceration or deportation of a loved one. The Administrative Assistant will support the Executive Director in all aspects of organizational administration, database management and office management, will coordinate meeting logistics for organizational meetings and events, and within 6 months will lead donor stewardship efforts. This person will be the CEO (Chief Executive Owner) of Protecting our ED’s time!

The ideal candidate is someone who is highly organized, who lives and dies by their digital calendar, who is satisfied by implementing efficacious systems, and someone that enjoys planning projects by getting in and mapping out all the nitty-gritty details so nothing is forgotten about. We are seeking someone with a proven ability to carry out multiple projects and tasks without dropping any balls. If your preferred way to contribute to a powerful team is by being that background person who helps hold it all together, and/or you are someone who identifies with a little Type-A about planning, organizing your space or your personal files, or scheduling your time, we want to talk to you!

Job Responsibilities

  • Supporting ED in managing email, external requests, executive calendar, and scheduling meetings
    • 2 hours per day
  • Managing and maintaining all aspects of our organizational database, including regular data upload, ensuring clean data, correction of erroneous or out-of-date records, developing reports for team use, and creating mailing lists for quarterly organizational mail-outs
    • 5-8 hours per week
  • Ensuring immediate acknowledgements of gifts and updates to donors, and within 6 months, growing to manage donor stewardship efforts
    • 1-3 hours per week
  • Managing all aspects of office, including cleaning, mail clerk duties, filing duties, purchasing office supplies, and troubleshooting office & maintenance challenges (like a broken toilet or malfunctioning printer)
    • 8 hours per week
  • Supporting the Executive Director with financial management, including bank runs and organizational expense reporting
    • 6 hours per month
  • Managing organizational meetings and outings in support of our leadership team (Executive Director, Deputy Director, and Board of Directors), including scheduling retreats, all-staff events, and board meetings and booking food and/or event locations for any of the above
    • 2-5 hours per month

Job Qualifications

You are definitely:

  • A person who never leaves home without their calendar, and who knows what your schedule is days and weeks in advance. You like to be organized and orderly, and enjoy moving through your days and weeks knowing exactly how you’re going to spend your time.
  • A details-obsessed team player who enjoys thinking through every step of your work ahead of time so that you can spot and solve for potential roadblocks before they come up.
  • Someone who prefers projects and work to be clear and systematized, as opposed to open-ended or loosey-goosey. You live by your to-do list, and enjoy when your to-do list be populated with tasks that concrete and discrete in terms of their start and completion, because it’s satisfying to get through that list and check it all off by the end of the week.
  • Someone who thrives in a high-paced environment and excels at problem-solving when things get a little fuzzy; You possesses excellent professional writing skills and are a strong verbal communicator.
  • A person with a relentless dedication to producing results and completing work thoroughly, no matter what the obstacle.

Maybe you’re also one or two of these things:

  • Someone who has also had your life touched by incarceration or deportation in some way
  • A computer and technology nerd
  • Data driven, someone who likes using hard facts and numbers to understand things
  • Someone with previous experience managing a database like Salesforce
  • Experienced in employee benefits administration
  • Someone who has worked at a nonprofit on their individual donor program, or who has otherwise managed clean record-keeping for a high number of clients in another setting

You have:

  • An understanding of the nonprofit world and the imperative of fundraising to keep the doors open
  • Either 2 years of experience in an administrative role, and/or in a professional office setting, and/or 2 years of post-secondary education in a college, university, or technical school
  • Ability to work expertly across technology platforms - including project management apps, word processing applications, Gmail, and Google docs

Pay Range:


Application Instructions:

To apply please email a cover letter, resume, and 5-7 references. References should not include family or friends and should instead include professional references whom you have worked alongside as a colleague or worked for. The majority of references must be former supervisors or managers who you have worked under. Please delineate which references are former supervisors, and please include name, title, business/organization, email, and a phone number for all references. Please send to with the subject line ADMIN ASSISTANT.



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