Social Media Vice-Chair

The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Austin (YNPN Austin) provides accessible professional development opportunities that empower young leaders and advance the nonprofit community. Our vision is a cultivated network of engaged young leaders that meets the diverse needs of the greater Austin nonprofit community.

Position: Social Media Vice-Chair

The Social Media Vice-Chair of the YNPN Austin is an active member of the Communications Committee and is responsible for managing YNPN Austin’s social media activities and growing our social reach.

Position Specific Responsibilities

- Maintain chapter social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn), engaging/replying/moderating where needed.
- Create/source/schedule social media creative content, sometimes in tandem with website/newsletter content.
- Determine new channels that are important for the chapter, based on popularity and usage among membership.
- Work in conjunction with all committee chairs to promote their initiatives.
- Provide reports to board on ongoing social media initiatives.
- Attend as many events as possible for live social coverage.

Leadership and Oversight
Attend a minimum of three Board of Directors meetings annually.

Host sub-committee meetings, as needed throughout the year, to delegate responsibilities and develop action items.

Operate sub-committee within the approved budget.

Assist in identifying and recruiting other committee members that reflect the community YNPN Austin serves.

Implement YNPN Austin’s strategic plan.

Regularly measure performance and effectiveness of YNPN Austin using the metrics created by the Board of Directors.

Represent YNPN Austin to stakeholders; act as an ambassador for the organization.

Ensure YNPN Austin’s commitment to a diverse committees.

Support fundraising efforts and consider YNPN Austin a philanthropic priority.

Term and Participation

YNPN Austin Vice-Chairs serve a 1-year term and, if interested, are eligible for Board service upon the completion of that term. Vice-Chair service is not a guarantee of being elected to the Board of Directors. 

Social media requires regular, sometimes weekly, attention throughout the year. Heavier times of commitment could relate to our events schedule.


This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about YNPN Austin’s mission. 
Ideal candidates for the Social Media Vice-Chair will have experience maintaining an organizational social media presence, or the willingness and ability to learn on the job. Additional skills that are strongly recommended include:

Familiarity with YNPN Austin.

Excellent verbal and written skills, as well as organizational skills and attention to detail.

Ability to work well independently and relish working on a dynamic team.

Ability to be dependable, flexible, and have a great sense of humor.


Applications close on September 30, 2016.


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