Q&A with Mission Capital

emerging_leadership.jpgMission Capital is an Austin-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to multiply the impact of mission-driven people and organizations to help solve complex community problems. We met with Amber Fogarty, Director of Learning and Leadership, to talk about the organization’s Emerging Leadership Academy for early career nonprofit leaders.

YNPN Austin: Who is this program designed for?

Amber: This is our second year offering the academy. The first year, we had a really diverse group of emerging leaders. Our goal is to build a strong leadership pipeline for nonprofit sector. We want to let those early in career know that we see them as leaders; we see them as future for nonprofit sector. We want to help them to grow and develop.

YNPN Austin: What will participants learn in this academy?

Amber: We administer a leadership assessment to help each person to understand the different styles of leadership. We talk about different ways people lead -- we want people to walk away with a really firm understanding of their strengths.

EmergingLeadershipAcademy1.jpgYNPN Austin: How does this program and Mission Capital’s other work impact the community?

Amber: At Mission Capital, we believe that strong leaders are at the heart of community problem solving. If we want to see community problems get solved, we need to continue to develop leaders that are equipped to do that. We want to give emerging leaders the opportunity to connect with each other so that they have a strong support system.

YNPN Austin: What will participants do once they’ve completed the program? 

Amber: We help them develop a plan for ongoing development -- the learning doesn’t stop when you walk out of this academy. This is another step in your leadership journey. We work together to set goals for next 90 days and the next 6-12 months. 

YNPN Austin: How can young nonprofit professionals make the business case for their companies to invest in them by sending them to trainings such as this one? 

Amber: Present clearly what the organization will receive in return. You may be able to share knowledge with your entire team, creating a ripple effect. You could do a presentation or a write up. You’ll become a better leader and more productive employee, with better clarity on your goals. 

YNPN Austin: What are other ways for people to get involved with Mission Capital if they’re not able to attend this academy? 

Amber: We offer the academy twice a year in May and in the fall . We also hold mission meetups free for members, and you can engage with us through our nonprofit effectiveness framework. 

Amber also shared with us one of her favorite quotes - “Learning and leadership are indispensable to each other.” - John F. Kennedy. She believes that strong leaders are at the heart of community problem solving and a commitment to lifelong learning helps build lifelong learning. As a YNPN member, you are eligible to receive a $50 discount on the Emerging Leadership Academy. Contact Amber directly at amberf@missioncapital.org.

When: Thursday, May 18, 9:00am - 6:00pm

Where: Mission Capital Offices

Cost: Member Fee - $295, Non-Member Fee - $345 (receive a $50 discount as a YNPN Austin Member)

Deadline: Apply by noon on April 27th. Register here.


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