Pulso: Freelance Writer (Part-Time, Flexible Location)

Background: Accelerate Change, a civic venture lab, is incubating a new digital organizing venture, Pulso, that by 2020 aims to develop deep (daily or weekly) digital relationships with over 1 million Latino/Hispanic individuals across the country and to achieve full financial self-sustainability. Our ultimate goal is to leverage this digital platform to advance policy change by building Latino/Hispanic power through increased advocacy and voter engagement.

Accelerate Change works to build large-scale, financially self-sustainable enterprises to advance social and environmental causes. We are a unique group of people who love A/B tests, excel spreadsheets, and making lasting, positive social change. We think big, but get our hands dirty everyday as we build innovative new services to serve large groups of people.

Pulso will draw from the lessons of other high-growth digital organizing ventures that Accelerate Change has incubated including PushBlack, ParentsTogether, and Revolution English. These ventures have developed high-growth models that combine several key elements:

  • A daily (or nearly daily) media service that provides high value content to subscribers. For example, PushBlack provides daily black history stories to over 600,000 subscribers; Revolution English provides daily English language learning lessons to over 240,000 immigrant subscribers. This daily media service is the crux of the relationship with subscribers and the driver of growth and financial sustainability for the ventures.
  • Regular advocacy on issues that are important to their community; e.g. criminal justice reform campaigns by PushBlack; affordable child care campaigns by ParentsTogether.
  • High-impact voter registration and get-out-the-vote campaigns that capitalize on the deep, trusted relationship built from daily engagement.
  • Financial sustainability through ad revenue, sponsorships, and other monetization strategies. To learn more about our framework read lean startup methodologies and to understand our theory of scale for civic organizations, read our Stanford Social Innovation Review article, The Secret of Scale.

To see the type of digitally-based service we intent to build for the Latino/Hispanic population, search for “Project Pulso” in the Facebook Messenger app.

Position Description: We are looking for prolific, curious writers that live and breathe Latino content. The fundamental responsibility of this role is to write stories for our daily content service aimed at attracting subscribers to Pulso via Facebook Messenger. The ideal candidate will be able to explain topics ranging from the need to protect children being separated from their families at the border to coming up with Latino history trivia in a compelling and conversational manner.

Qualifications: We are looking for someone who is:

  • A prolific writer able to capture our audience’s attention just as well in a short content experience or a longer-form feature
  • Committed to and understands the issues that the US-based Latino community faces
  • Highly entrepreneurial and thrives in a fast-paced, unstructured digital environment
  • Eager to learn, iterate, pivot and experiment along with the rest of the team
  • A visual storyteller with multi-platform experience (FB, websites, YouTube, Instagram, T.V., blogs, newsletters, newspapers, audio, etc.)
  • Adept in using a variety of technology tools (Photoshop, etc.)
  • Comfortable working remotely

We prefer someone who is

  • Is familiar with Facebook ads, Messenger bots, and/or Wordpress
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Has a sense of humor!

Salary & Benefits: Negotiable contracting rates

Send a cover letter and resume to info@projectpulso.org. Put: “Interest in Pulso Writer position” in the subject line. Also, because we want to make sure you have the writing chops we’re looking for, please complete the following exercise and send along with your cover letter and resume. In 300 words (images/video/gifs/audio/or other interactive elements welcome) tell us about your favorite Latino/a historical figure or about a historical moment centering the Latino community in the U.S. that you’re proudest of.


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