Latinitas Start Up Chica Conference - Saturday, October 22nd

The mission of Latinitas is to empowering Latina youth through media & technology programs such as publishing a bilingual webzine for Latina girls, facilitating an after-school program and hosting innovative media & tech conferences and workshops in the community. 

Latinitas is looking for men & women entrepreneurs, start up founders, and others that hold expertise in business, branding or marketing to coach girls through creating their own business. They're also seeking lunchtime career presenters where you would sit down with the girls during their lunch hour and have informal but valuable conversations via a speed mentoring set up.

Latinitas is hosting Start Up Chica Conference on Saturday, October 22nd from 9 am to 4 pm at ACC-Eastview campus. This all day event will teach girls, 9-18 years old, how to develop their own entrepreneur venture ideas from start to pitch by creating a business plan and marketing campaign with the assistance of mentors with the end of day goal to present to real investors! 

If interested, please fill out the Start Up Chica Conference Volunteer Form. All volunteer roles are listed along with their description and time commitment that day.


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