Day in the Life: Regional Account Executive at Social Solutions

Kyle_Kerrigan_1.pngKyle Kerrigan recently joined tech company Social Solutions after working for Goodwill in the nonprofit world. He shares a typical workday with us, as well as his experience transitioning from the non-profit to sector to a for-profit company. 

Kyle works as a Regional Account Executive at Social Solutions, which is a company dedicated to developing solutions that enable nonprofits to track impact on their mission.

He said the biggest difference he noticed in switching sectors is the availability of resources. He also pointed to the clarity of mission. “In the for-profit world, you either make money or you don’t,” he said. “Nonprofits more complex, serving a calling that you figure out what it means for itself,” he said.   

But no matter what field you work in, “people are still people,” Kyle said. “There are still amazing people, and there are still people that you wish are different. You still work in a team; people have heart still. When it comes to working alongside capable and passionate people, that is the same.”

Kyle’s typical day in the office unfolds like this:

8:00am: “The first thing I do when I get in is I try not to check the inbox,” Kyle said. He spends the first part of his day reading Nonprofit Quarterly and other newsletters and blogs to immerse himself in the latest trends in the industry. “One of the cool things about this position is that I get to look industry-wide instead of regional or local,” he said.

8:45-10am: Take a little time to catch up on email.

10-10:30am: Daily standup with team to discuss the pipeline of customers and organizations and where they stand; talk through any challenges.

10:30am-12:30pm: Making phone calls to reach out to organizations and teams to review their needs when it comes to managing data to track their program outcomes, improvement plans, and funder and grant requirements.  

12:30-2pm: Kyle usually has a team lunch or uses the time to meet with a friend or connect with a community member.

2-3pm: Call with a prospective partner organization to discuss the organization’s priorities and programs.

3-4pm: Training. Kyle says, “Each position has training almost every other day. That was another surprise moving to the for-profit sector: the training that we receive: it is robust, frequent, and intentional.”

4-5:30pm: The rest of the day is spent making more phone calls to potential client organizations.

Kyle offers his advice for young professionals starting out in their careers: “Never miss a lunch or a coffee. If you want to know about an organization, contact somebody there and offer to buy them coffee. It costs you $2 but you could learn so much.”


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