Day in the Life: Site Manager at Habitat for Humanity

37228601505_b116ec224d_z_(2).jpgAfter working as a structural engineer, Chris Sebilia was ready for a change into a career that aligned with his passions. He began volunteering with Habitat for Humanity until a role opened up and, as he puts it, "they couldn't get rid of me." 

Chris manages about 8,000 volunteers over the course of a year, and he loves the variety and sense of purpose in his work. A job that is perfect for early birds, his typical day starts around sunrise. 

6:30am: Arrive at warehouse, pick up box truck with tools, wheelbarrows, and other materials. 

7:30am: Arrive at job site. Work with regular volunteers to get unload tools and get organized to begin work. 

8am: Give a safety speech and divide up volunteers into project teams. On any given day, Chris may be directing between 6 and over 100 volunteers. He walks between groups and helps them, answering any questions.

"There's a point in the morning once all the teams get going when you sit back, having a drink of coffee, and watch an entire house get built in front of you," he said. 

11:30am: Over lunch, Chris shares more information with the volunteers about the Habitat model and the family they're building a home for. 

12:30pm: Return to working on projects. 

2:30pm: Start clean up. Load up truck with tools and materials and head back to warehouse. 

3:45pm: Get back to warehouse, send out emails, check in with construction supervisor and VP of Construction for next day's work. 

Chris has intense build days like this 3-4 days per week, and a house can be completed in 11-15 build days. On other days, he spends his time staging materials, fixing tools, performing maintenance on completed homes, and preparing for upcoming build days. 

To other young professionals looking to land a job in a field of their passion, Chris says, "Whatever thing you're interested in, just find  a way to do that thing. Once you pursue a passion, you find a way to make it your own." 


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