Day in the Life: Match Support Specialist at BBBS of Central Texas

Lauren_Dolan.jpgThis month, we interviewed Lauren Dolan, who just joined the YNPN board as Vice Chair of Strategic Partnerships. Lauren works as a Match Support Specialist at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas.

Her main role is to manage cases for approximately 80 matches to ensure smooth communication and strong relationships between the Big, Little, and parent/guardian. Lauren says, “There’s no typical day. I like that we’re pretty flexible because we have to work around others’ schedules.”

Her day usually starts mid-morning and continues into the evening so that she can connect with clients at the times they are available. Here’s what a sample day in the life might look like:

10-11:30am: Check emails, respond to voicemails that came in late the day before and get organized for the day. Lauren says, “I’m a big list person. For each week and day, I make a detailed list of everyone I need to contact and the updates I need to make.”

11:30-1pm Contact clients from her list. She contacts new matches every month, and established matches every three months.

1-2pm: Lunch break

2-2:30pm: Document notes from morning calls, update contact list.

2:30-3pm: Send out biweekly calendar of events for everything going in in the agency, as well as activities around town that matches might like to attend.

3-4pm: Plan activities for a Sister to Sister event for female matches with Littles aged 12 years and older.

4-5pm: Follow up on phone call list, document call notes.

5-630: Attend a match introduction for a new match. These introductions take place at the Little’s house.

630-7: Follow up with a couple more phone calls for clients she was not able to reach earlier in the day

For someone considering a role like hers, Lauren says flexibility is key. “You need to be okay with flexibility and moving parts and knowing that a lot of your job is going to have to be relying on other people, whether it’s clients or coworkers,” she said.


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