Our Vision

A cultivated network of engaged young leaders that meets the diverse needs of the greater Austin nonprofit community.

Our Mission

To provide accessible professional development opportunities that empower young leaders and advance the nonprofit community.

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We are a local community of nonprofit staffers, volunteers, board members, and philanthropists promoting the professional development of passionate new leaders by:

  • Producing leaders for nonprofits that are well-rooted in nonprofit excellence
  • Maintaining a network of innovative leaders that change how Austin nonprofits work together
  • Changing people’s perceptions about the power and importance of the nonprofit sector
  • Offering professional development workshops to acquire relevant skills and valuable knowledge
  • Organizing social and service events to facilitate the development of a professional network
  • Distributing current news and events to keep our members informed of community and national activities and endeavors.

YNPN Austin is a volunteer-run organization, with its Board of Directors providing the strategic vision as well as day to day management of the organization. As such, YNPN does not have an office. For general inquiries, please email YNPN Austin.

Membership costs $30 annually, with discounts offered for AmeriCorps and students, as well as scholarships. Visit our membership page to learn more and purchase your individual or organizational membership.

YNPN Austin offers a range of member benefits including professional development events, networking opportunities and monthly email digests that include nonprofit jobs, news and events.

Our Board

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

We want you here. We want to get you here. We want you to thrive here.

YNPN Austin is dedicated to ensuring that emerging leaders have the necessary tools and resources to effectively make change in their work in the Austin community. Our vision of empowering young leaders to advance Austin’s nonprofit community can only be achieved by making our network and the sector as a whole more equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

YNPN Austin will move our equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives forward by:

  • Ensuring that all programs and events reflect and include the diversity of Austin’s nonprofit organizations and the people who work in them.
  • Proactively promoting and providing accessible programs for members and potential members of all backgrounds to succeed, along with assessing the potential barriers that prohibit professional and personal growth.
  • Creating and providing intentional spaces for people of diverse backgrounds to network and connect with one another.
  • Using the YNPN Austin platform to highlight our diverse membership, the nonprofit organizations where they work and the communities we support.
  • Engaging in sustainable partnerships that support and enhance YNPN Austin’s mission and commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Understanding that EDI initiatives are an ongoing process that takes time, self-reflection along with community discussion, and intentional engagement to the work.


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