A Day in the Life: Assistant Director for Development at the UT Environmental Science Institute

erika_ynpn.jpgOur new "Day in the Life" series takes you through a typical day in the lives of nonprofit employees across roles and industries.

Our first interview is with Erika Tarango, Assistant Director for Development, UT Environmental Science Institute. Erika walked us through a typical day of donor meetings, team collaboration, and grant writing.

"My day starts the night before, making my to-do list for the next day," she said.

8:00 am: Meet a donor for coffee downtown, talk about upcoming projects, and make an donation ask.

9:30 am: Drive back to the office, check emails.

10:00 am: Meet with Outreach coordinator to talk about upcoming Hot Science, Cool Talk lecture series. Coordinate how donors and VIPs fit into this event.

11:00 am: Check social media streams for pre-scheduled posts and answer questions.

11:30 am: Check in on email.

12:00 pm: Head over to the UT club for lunch to meet her supervisor. They talk about the strategy for upcoming donor visits they are doing together and review her progress on benchmark numbers. They also discuss upcoming events that her supervisor, a professor, can invite donors to, such as cave trips and lectures.

1:30 pm: Check email. Update contact reports from this morning's visit.

2:00 pm: Work on an upcoming grant proposal.

4:00 pm: Check email and pop in on social media again.

4:30 pm: Look through all of her emails one final time. Erika says, "I try not to leave my office with more than 10 emails in my inbox."

Finally, she checks project deadlines and to-dos for next day before wrapping up around 5:00 pm to go for a run on campus. 


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