A Day in the Life: Capacity Specialist at the Central Texas Food Bank

Kara with coworkerFor the second installment of our Day in the Life series, we caught up with Kara Prior, YNPN membership chair and Capacity Specialist at the Central Texas Food Bank. Kara’s role was created for her after she began with the Food Bank as an Americorps member in a capacity-building role.

Kara walked us through a typical day for her:

  • ynpn_kara.jpg9-10am: Make a green tea and a quick breakfast; settle into the office checking emails and her calendar for the day
  • 10-11am: On-site visit with a potential partner. Fun fact: 90% of the bank’s food is distributed through its 260 partner organizations.
  • 11am-12pm: Meet with an intern to go over details for an upcoming event
  • 12-1pm: Kara eats lunch outside, usually with coworkers over cards or games
  • 1-2pm: Watch a webinar from Feeding America, the Food Bank’s parent organization
  • 2-3pm: Follow up on action items and notes from morning meetings, answer emails
  • 3-5: This is Kara’s project time to focus on brainstorming or problem solving for projects such as setting up grant reporting guidelines or creating a program brochure for potential partners
  • 5-8pm Some days, Kara will end the day attending community events to network. She’ll take flex time by coming in later the next morning or leaving early on a Friday.

Kara’s favorite thing about her role is that it allows her to follow her passions and set her priorities according to the needs of the organization. “I like that I really get to pick what I focus on,” she said. “There’s a lot of creating and brainstorming.”


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